So how bad was WWE 2K20? So damn bad that 2K Sports didn’t bother with releasing a 2K21 version of the game, choosing to start over after Japanese developerYuke’s left the franchise.

With Visual Concepts being the lone team now working on the WWE 2K series, they absolutely know they have to right all the wrongs to find ways to bring back longtime fans to the series.

They’ve definitely done a nice job with the covet art, which has leaked featuring the three decade plus veteran Rey Mysterio on the cover!

The leaker of the images has also dropped additional information regarding more content and other ver$ions of the gaming releasing this year:

The march to the Wrestlemania has begun as the Royal Rumble goes down later this month. Will 2K and WWE be able to celebrate the redemption of the series with WWE 2K22? Or could this be the end of the successful tag-team? We shall know soon enough, Brah!

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