Brah! It’s only January 8th and I’m pretty damn sure I’ve used the ‘RUMORED’ category more the past few days than I did the last few months of 2021!

But that’s usually how it works. New year. New games upcoming. Surprise reveals to the pad year out. Time for rumors to spread.

Tom Henderson, who you might have noticed by now is all about leaking information mainly about Battlefield and Call of Duty but as of late he’s been covering a bit of everything.

Now he has dropped a nugget of PlayStation related information: he reckons we will be receiving a State of Play online presentation from Sony come February!

We had also heard of a February event from a source prior to today about some kind of PlayStation event, so all signs point to hey, it’s going to happen.

So what can we expect to see? Well, regardless of what we do get new previews of, here’s how I predict people will respond:

Bitch because there was too many Indies.

Bitch because there was too many AAA games and not enough indie love.

Bitch because it wasn’t long enough PSVR or the fact that Sony isn’t showing any PSVR 2.

People who don’t even own a PS4 or PS5 will completely downplay the SoP because they have nothing better to do.

Seriously though, expect some kind of Horizon Forbidden West launch trailer, a new Gran Turismo 7 trailer, some third-party reminders, and maybe a couple new indie titles or PSVR titles. I’m sure Sony will reveal what to and not to expect, like they always do, when they formally announce the date for it.

What do you hope to see during this rumored State of Play?

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