Here we are, six days into the year 2022 and already talking about games that might be releasing 300 days away. ‘Tis the duty of a gaming website, I suppose!

If you dabble in the world of leaks n’ rumors then you might have heard of Tom Henderson. He mostly deals with Battlefield and Call of Duty info but as of late has begun dropping information related to other major franchises and publishers.

You’ll recall the report from earlier last year that The Last of Us Remake started off as a secret project at Sony’s Visual Arts Service Group before be taken over by Naughty Dog, with the VASG becoming the support studio, which resulted in leadership changes within the group.

The original Resident Evil game received a remake on the GameCube not even six years after release. Metal Gear Solid had Twin Snakes six years after it released. If the TLoURemake does release this year, it’ll have been 9 years between the original release and the Remake.

Tom also commented on the Factions multiplayer mode and the rumored The Last of Us Part II Director’s Cut coming to the PS5.

The Last of Us Remake. The Last of Us Part II Factions multiplayer mode. Possible The Last of Us Part II Director’s Cut for the PS5. Then The Last of Us HBO series. Brah. I hope you love you some Joel and Ellie because you’re about to get all you can eat, my friends!

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