It must feel pretty good to be Sucker Punch Productions these days. Each franchise that the Seattle based game development studio has gone on to create for Sony has become a major hit.

It started with the Sly Cooper series which has gone on to spawn four games, with a rumored fifth in production for the PS4 and PS5. Which is similar to the inFamous series. 3 major entries with two additional side-stories and a rumored PS5 title being worked on.

Now Ghost of Tsushima continues to find success, as Sony and the studio both confirmed that Jin Sakai’s battle against the Mongolians for the freedom of the isle of Tsushima has sold over 8 million copies since it released back in July 2020.

I’m always down for more Ted Lasso inspired GIFS, Brah. With a movie currently in production for Ghost of Tsushima plus a rumored sequel that we all know is going to happen, the future is incredibly bright for the Ghost of Tsushima series unlike some IPs in Sony’s vast stable of games.

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