Sega and Sonic Team have high hopes for Sonic Frontiers, aiming for it to be the next ‘pilar’ in the Sonic franchise the way that Sonic Adventure did when it releases later this year.

The Sega Sammy results revealed an interesting tidbit of information regarding the original release date for Sonic Frontiers. Sega wanted to drop it in 2021 to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anny, but ultimately delayed it a year (!) to further ensure the highest quality possible.

Originally it was planned to be released on this year, the 30th anniversary of Sonic, but we have postponed the release for a year in order to further brush up the quality. Not only for this title, but during the development phase, we have been steadily conducting analysis to improve the quality of the title before release, such as introducing game testing based on external evaluations, and I have a feeling that it will become a good game and have high expectations for it.

If you missed the trailer from The Game Awards 2021, we’ve embedded it below. Vast open-worlds. Various biomes. High graphic fidelity. Sonic Team is going all out with Sonic Frontiers. Will it be a Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 or Sonic Adventure?!?

We will be keeping a major eye on it during the year and can’t wait to see what the game has in store for Sonic the Hedgehog in his next major title!

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