Wondering why you still can’t find a PS5 in stores? The Fiesta Bowl sponsored by PlayStation just might be the answer!! (We kid, we kid!)

Sony has used their leverage (and massive marketing funds!) to become the major sponsorship for the Fiesta Bowl the past few years, using the event to showcase future titles and their vast lineup of characters.

This year they went big, giving every player on both team who is playing in the upcoming Bowl game on January 1st a FREE PLAYSTATION 5 AND A COPY OF CALL OF DUTY: VANGUARD!

Oklahoma State wide receiver Brennan Presely was over the moon for the BRAHsome free gifts, saying that the PS5 is all he has wanted for the past year in an interview with The Oklahoman:

It means everything because it’s all I’ve wanted for the past year. So, I got it. Everybody else got it. So there’s no excuse to duck any smoke on the game. We all got the same game. We all got ‘Call of Duty.’

The teams were notified before the game of their upcoming gifts, so Brennan asked for additional games. He received NBA2K, but naturally, he’s more of a Madden guy. I’m sure EA will find a way to get him a copy. He also wants a copy of Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remastered 1 + 2, so he can talk that trash at a game he’s really good at it.

Sony also offered 250 players, 125 for each team, access to free PS5s last year at the 2020 Fiesta Bowl, not even a month after the console released worldwide. Sony definitely earning some new fans by dropping all this free swag, Brah!

Now I wonder if I could persuade PlayStation to sponsor my local amauter semi-pro Cornhole league championship? Grandma Bird’s Good Boys v. Southern Justice for the Golden corn on the cob could use a sponsor this season!

If you’re still reading this and can’t find yourself a PS5 remember that the third string punter for Notre Dame received a free console that could’ve been youre. S H A M E ! ! !

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