When Square Enix broke news that Marvel’s Avengers didn’t hit the sales expectations they set for the game, I know I wasn’t only the fan who started to worry about the future of the game.

Before the game hit the devs over at Crystal Dynamics talked about the road map of content they have planned for the game. Since then Square Enix has shunned the game and announced that Crystal Dynamics is helping co-develop the new Perfect Dark for Microsoft.

So when ‘Miller’ on Twitter, who has leaked much information regarding Marvel’s Avengers in the past year, dropped news that She-Hulk is the next heroine coming to the PS4 and PS5, it definitely caught my attention. She is reportedly going to be played by longtime actress Krizia Bajos.

Will she be a ‘Hero event’ similar to Spider-Man? Or will she receive her own ‘Operations’ content similar to Hawkeye and Kate Bishop? Square Enix hasn’t commented on the matter but it wouldn’t shock me if Ms. Walters receives the royal treatment considering she’s releasing on all consoles. Oh, plus she has a Disney+ show arriving in 2022.

She-Hulk is about to be a big deal, Brah! Marvel’s Avengers is available now on the PS4 and PS5.

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