First revealed during the Game Awards 2021 trailer for Horizon Forbidden West, the Slitherfang appears to be a new, sinister enemy that Aloy will encounter in her dangerous adventure to save the world.

Seriously though. Out of all the new ‘bots that have been unveiled since HFW was first revealed, the Slingerfang appears to absolutely terrorizing, tower over Aloy then, in a split second, quickly slithering toward our heroine, ready to crush/devour/squeeze the life out of her.

Poor Aloy. I really don’t think she signed up for all this when she was anointed the chosen one, wouldn’t you agree?

The 26 seconds of gameplay below comes courtesy of Game Informer, so enjoy the footage as Aloy battles back against the Slitherfang.

Horizon Forbidden West brings the BRAHsomeness on February 18th, 2022. This Brah can’t flippin’ wait!

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