Now that we are in the Winter season (well, depending on where you are in the world, it may feel like Spring), it’s that time of the year where things get colder, days are shorter, and the snow starts to fall. And while some may be stuck inside, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy some Wintery fun in the world of Cozy Grove with the new Winter update. So let’s check out what’s new in this update:

Update includes:

  • Winter Festival that begins December 23rd and runs for six weeks
  • New snowfolk characters you can craft and talk to
  • Special gifts you can make and give to the characters on the island
  • Wishing well that allows you to buy rare recipes
  • New “complete the pattern” minigame
  • A new background song added to the soundtrack
  • One more tent upgrade and interior room to decorate
  • Other various improvements, polish, and new content

What will you discover? Will Winter be out of control? What gifts will you find? Find out with the Cozy Grove Winter Update out now for PlayStation 4.

Until then…please enjoy…