The COVID-19 pandemic has and is still currently impacting the world, causing problems across every industry, with the world of gaming being no exception.

We’ve joked that the year 2021 should be called the ‘year of delays’ and guess what! We have a new game to add to the list: Final Fantasy XVI!

Sure, did any of us really believe that the game was going to release in 2022? I think Square Enix wants to do everything they can to make sure they won’t have another FFXV on their hands, updating and changing the gaming continously with two years of updates.

Producer Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi-P!) broke the news tonight. COVID-19 has impacted the game’s development by almost six months, meaning the next time we will see something major about the game will be Spring 2022.

I’ve had three good friends seriously impacted by COVID-19, with one going on over two months in the hospital. So while I can’t fucking want to play FFXVI, my backlog will keep me busy enough while the team does their best to stay safe during all of this.

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