If you’re like this Brah and love a good deal, then you might have noticed that Marvel’s Avengers hit the sub-$15 price range once Black Friday hit earlier this year.

If you took advantage of this deal for yourself (I bought a $10 copy for the PS5!) or you plan on giving a copy to your loved one/a fellow Marvel fan, then I would recommend surprising them with an early present because Quad XP AND Double Resources is now live for the game!

That’s right! Take advantage of these multipliers by enhancing your favorite heroes in no time flat including the PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man character from today until the 27th.

Also, if you’ve been enjoying the latest MCU Disney+ show, Hawkeye, you’ll be able to purchase his swanky new suit on the marketplace starting today!

One last thing, if you’re a PS Plus member, to download all the free cosmetic packs that are currently available here! They come with units, suits, nameplates, and all kinds of goodies.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on the PS4 and PS5.

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