With so many major releases hitting within the first three months of 2022, it might be a good idea to ask ol’ Santa Claus for one of those new HHD/SSD to give your PS4/PS5 more room to breath for all these new games.

Don’t believe me? Guerrilla Games has been warning us that hey! Horizon Forbidden West is going to one helluva’ massive game full of new enemies, bots, environments, and much more. Today our pals over at PlayStation Game Size revealed what potentially could be the size of HFW on the PS5: 96GB!!

I’ll for sure I’ll be doing a cleaning of my PS5’s internal SSD before Horizon Forbidden West releases on the PS4 and PS5 on February 18th, 2022.

If you need even more info about HFW, Game Informer is making Guerrilla’s mighty sequel the cover story for the latest issue of the long running gaming magazine, with a 12-page story dropping all kinds of new information related to the game.

Happen to miss the latest trailer showcasing some of the new bots that Aloy will be facing off against on her journey to save the day.

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