Square Enix caused quite a bit of controversy when they denied PS Plus members who had claimed Final Fantasy VII Remake earlier this year access to the free PS5 upgrade of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

Here we are six months later, days after Final Fantasy VII Remake has arrived on the PC via the Epic Games Store and Square Enix has REVERSED their decision regarding the free upgrade.

Starting December 22nd all PS Plus members will now be able to upgrade to the PS5 version of FFVIIRE for free!

Yuffie’s DLC mission, Episode INTERmission, will also be 25% off for those wanting to take part in this special PS5 exclusive content.

So we guess when it comes down to it that Square Enix feels like they’ve probably hit the point where sales of the PS5 version really won’t matter as much, so hey! Let’s do everyone a solid!

Will you download the PS5 version to experience 60fps and actual GOOD textures in the Final Fantasy VII Remake?

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