Weeellllll now it makes sense as to why Sony was ready to sue Dbrand over their PS5 plate designs: because they’ve been working on their own!

I mean, duh! Why wouldn’t you? It’s the perfect opportunity to cash-in on your fanbase who’s all about customizing and making that mighty investment their own.

NOW YOU CAN FOR $54.99 A SET! THAT’S RIGHT ALL YOU PLAYSTATION LOVERS! You can get your very own set from the official ‘Galaxy’ line of PS5 Console Covers plates starting January 2022 which you can pre-order now and also through the PlayStation Direct website!

Don’t worry! You’re also getting new additional DualSense controllers colors so that you covers and controllers match!

You can start searching for all of these in early 2022. The plates will run you like we mentioned early $54.99 and those special DualSense Colors will hit you for $74.99!

Which colors do you have your eyes set on? Let us know in the comments below!

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