Square Enix let it be known they’re ready to dominate the first six months of 2022 when they revealed the release of the PS5 console exclusive Forspoken during The Game Awards 2021.

With Forspoken officially releasing on May 24th, Babylon’s Fall on March 2nd, and Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin on March 18th, Square Enix has a trio of major releases ready to rock our 2022.

With TGA 2021 in the books, Square Enix dropped some gameplay footage and plenty of information related to Forspoken today across multiple outlets. IGN gave us four minutes of unedited gameplay to analyze!

It still looks a little choppy at the moment, which shouldn’t be too big of a concern considering it still has another four or so months in the developmental oven before it’s ready to eat.

That doesn’t mean that the three graphical modes that will be available in the game won’t help! The first is graphics mode at 4K/30fps. The second is performance mode which will be 1440p/60FPS. The third will be raytracing mode adding this much hyped current-gen feature but no resolution or framerate was provided.

What about DualSense features? Game Director Takashi Aramaki mentioned to Ungeek how Forspoken will utilize Sony’s game changing controller:

We really have included a lot of unique PlayStation 5 hardware features when we were developing this game. For example, using the adaptive triggers, we added tactile feedback when you’re using the different types of magic. We’ve got lots of different magic spells you can use in the game, and the planners and designers sat down and worked out how to differentiate the feedback you get from controller for each of the magic spells.

Also, to those that it might matter, Forspoken will be a PS5 console exclusive for two years after release. The PC version releases day and date so if you have a beefy rig at home, this doesn’t even matter to you!

If you missed The Game Awards 2021 trailer, then here she is below!

With so many games releasing in 2022, is this new IP from Square Enix’s Luminous Productions team on your list? Let us know in the comments, Brah!

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