The New Bone Chill event for Dead by Daylight has just begun. Bringing with it new themed items and changes.

For starters, the main menu has a new theme, with snow blowing through the air, and old wooden lamp posts wrapped in Christmas lights. And certain props, such as hooks, generators and lockers, are also decorated in a festive manner. 

The main new mechanic, (and the way to earn special exclusive rewards) are inflatable snowmen in the trial grounds. Six will spawn at the beginning of a round. Survivors can hide inside them, while inside them, survivors move 15% slower, but their aura cant be revealed to the killer, and any time they take damage, the snowman will be destroyed instead, which will then respawn after a bit somewhere else in the map.

Interacting with these new festive friends will grant exclusive items. For survivors, they can earn ugly sweaters for the three newest original characters (Yun-Jin Lee, Mikeala Reid, and Jonah Vasquez) Killers can earn new festive weapons for the Hag and the Wraith, and frosty eyes cosmetics for the two newest non licensed killers (the Trickster and the Artist)

Both sides can also unlock three unique charms through this method. Gift Hatch, Christmas Inferno, and Cocoa Dip.

Alongside this, all previous ugly sweater and other holiday cosmetics are for sale in the shop, including two new ones for Jill Valentine and Leon S Kennedy from Resident Evil. and new frozen “Everlasting Frost” skins for THe Artist, the Spirit and the Ghostface, and new “Cozy Break” pajama skins for Jonah Vasquez, Mikeala Reid, Feng Min, Felix Richter and Yun-Jin Lee.

And as another bonus, everyday you log in during december will grant you a reward from the new Advent Calender, which can include bloodpoints, iridescent shards and rift fragments,

The new Bone Chill event will run from December 9th to December 23rd, and is free to participate in for anyone who owns the game.

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