This afternoon the next major Fortnite event goes down as the Chapter 2 comes to a climatic close and Chapter 3 begins, as what was once a clone of PUBG has become something way more bizarre and unique at this point.

It wouldn’t be a proper reveal without the trailer for the next Chapter 3 leaking ahead of schedule! Here’s a translation of what is said during the trailer:

Welcome to Chapter 3, where you’ll find brand new places to discover and and previously unknown ways of experiencing Fortnite. Start to earn the Battle Pass XP beyond Battle Royale. Play and level up as you like, to unlock the battle pass outfits, including Spider-Man! New features are also waiting to be discovered. Move around the map faster and avoid enemies with the new Sliding Mechanics, and Sliding! And even set up camps where you and your squad will heal yourself and store items between matches.

In addition, new weapons and items have been added to fortnite to help you win the Victory Royale and the prestigious Victorious Crown. Keep winning and keep it. Besides these features, the island is completely new. Explore the Sanctuary, the hidden house of The Seven and the Spider-Man Neighborhood – Daily Bugle, as well as other locations. Remember, due to the new weather conditions, anything can happen. Also check out the Season 1 Chapter 3 Battle Pass, where you’ll find Spider-Man, The Foundation, and other visitors.

What are you waiting for? Jump into chapter 3 and explore a brand new island. It is unknown what you will find there.

Unreal Engine 5! Spider-Man! Grappling hooks! Black suit Spidey! Sliding mechanics! A whole new map! Brah, I’m about to text my oldest son because it’s time to SQUAD UP!

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