Brah! Ready or not it appears that some major changes are coming to PlayStation’s subscription services in 2022.

Xbox and PC gamers have been enjoying Game Pass since it first debuted back in 2017. PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now offer something similar yet you truly can’t compare them when it comes down to it.

CEO and President of PlayStation, Jim Ryan, said recently that his brand was working on their version of the popular Game Pass service and it appears that Jason Schreier has the SCOOP.

Currently working under the codename ‘Spartacus’, this new, 3 tier system will combine PS Plus and PS Now, as the Now label will be retired. Only PS Plus shall live on.

Here’s how it’ll work. The first tier is what PS+ is now. The second tier will offer more PS4 and PS5 titles. The third tier and ya know, the most expensive, will offer game demos, streaming options, and get this, similar to how Nintendo Online works, access to a selection of PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games. OH. LAWDY.

Unlike Game Pass, Sony’s 1st party titles will not come to the service the same way that Microsoft’s titles do on Game Pass on day and date of release. While I could see some of the more multiplayer, non-$70 exclusives hit this service to add value to it, Sony has gone the route of charging the highest possible price on their exclusives, then offer tiny discounts on them.

You can read more of Jason’s scoop here at the source. How do you feel about this rumored service? Does the possibility of more backwards compatibility on the PS4 and PS5 entice you to spend more money or is your wallet maxed out on gaming subs these days? We would love to hear your opinion, Brah!

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