The memories I had of him will always be in my heart. It wasn’t until he passed away that did I truly understood what that meant. I had the simple duty of taking his ashes to the funeral through space. However, that wreck changed things and I am not sure if there was not possibly a hidden reason for why it happened. But it looks as though I have to add more to my list of things to do. Now, a princess has to be saved, I have to try and stay alive, and there are some dead passengers. Can my life get any more complicated? At least I have a chicken.

Features include:

  • Stunning visuals and high fidelity artwork – Captured in a frozen moment of the colossal spaceship post-explosion scene, fight your base instincts, the dangers of open space, flying robots, and common sense
  • Hilarious Space Surviavl – Take on the role of a simple guy, carrying his grandpa’s ashes to a galactic funeral when your space craft suddenly explodes. Only you and your chicken survive
  • Explore – With a limited air supply, players must bravely venture out into the cold vacuum of space to grab whatever they can find amongst the wreckage
  • Crafting – 1st of all, work out how to restock the air supply to venture into space to collect whatever resources are within reach

Will the princess be saved? What will you craft? Will you be able to stay alive and litter space with the garbage you created? Find out when the physical edition of Breathedge comes to PS4 and PS5 on February 25, 2022, at the Perp Games Store.

Until then…please enjoy…