While Phoenix Labs’ F2P monster slayin’ game Dauntless has been available on the PS5 thanks to backwards compatibility. But all of that is about to change. It’s truly going to take advantage of the power of the current-gen consoles when the native version arrives on December 2nd.

The F2P title while harness the POWAH of the PS5 to bring you the following:

  • Dynamic 4K resolution ‘targeting’ 60FPS to help make hunting those monsters as smooth as ever.
  • New and improved lightning that has been drastically ‘reimagined’.
  • Completely reworked environmental textures that makes the world look more magical than ever.
  • Up to 90% faster load times. Damn!
  • Full cross-platform support across 7 platforms.
  • Full Dualsense support including adaptive trigger support and intergrated sound from PlayStation’s BRAHsome controller.
  • 3D audio giving you the ability to hear the world around you.
  • Activity Cards that will allow you to join certain hunts almost instantly.
  • 36 new trophies including a platinum trophy!

As you can see, the team at Phoenix Lab has definitely dedicated the time and resources to this PS5 version of Dauntless. Make sure to give it a download when it releases on December 2nd.

Until then watch the trailer showcasing some of the major changes you can expect when it arrives.

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