I know you haven’t missed this ‘worst kept secret’ that has been floating about for the past couple of years. Yeah, the one that Capcom is working on a Resident Evil 4 Remake!

Of course it wouldn’t be a Resident Evil game with a rumored restart or two. Look at Resident Evil 1.5! Or the what, three different versions of Resident Evil 4 that almost happened before we received the classic we all know and love.

The rumor that hit last year is that the team behind the Resident Evil 3 Remake was working on it. Unfortunately, the RE3 Remake wasn’t as loved as the RE2 Remake. Then Capcom and the M-Two team had disagreements over the direction of the Remake. Then it happened. Restart! This time with the mighty force of Capcom’s Division 1 team is now the main force making the magix happen. Allegedly.

So if you think about it, we should start seeing something about the game soon enough if it’s good to be the next Resident Evil project, right?

Well, reportedly, we have our first look at Wesker in the RE4 Remake thanks to some ‘leaked’ concept art from Wesker’s voice actor, D.C. Douglas.

I’m not even going to delve into the allegations against Mr. Douglas, but if this it legit then he’s certainly jeopardizing a major avenue of his career.

Like we stated earlier, if Resident Evil 4 Remake is Capcom’s major RE title for 2022, then we should definitely get some official information about it in the next few months or so.

Are you excited about this rumored remake?

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