Back in February, we were introduced to a journey as we will get to make the boat we sail on our own. From the colors of the sails to the new designs as we play. But there have been some new details about what to expect when we are finally able to sail forth on the quests, meet new characters, and most importantly, embark on the adventure that we all want and desire to go on. First, the scope of the game has almost taken a greater life of its own and has become bigger with more worlds, quests, and basics.

Features include:

  • 30+ hours of gameplay spread across 7 unique worlds
  • Intriguing and multifaceted narrative with different factions, side quests, and bosses
  • Realistic sailing mechanics and an auto-sail option to suit different playstyles
  • Procedurally generated oceanic world with a dynamic day-night and weather system
  • Fishing, racing, photography, and more side quests and minigames
  • Ambient and responsive soundtrack for full immersion

What quests will you go on? What bosses will you encounter? Will you be able to sail these waters? Find out when Sail Forth comes to PlayStation 4 & 5 in the Summer of 2022.

Until then…please enjoy…

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