Do you hear it? The call to arms as Captain America assembles the Earth’s mightiest heroes, The Avengers! (Duh. Who were you expecting? The New Warriors??)

Marvel’s Avengers Update 2.2 arrives on November 30th, bringing with it the Spider-Man ‘Hero event’, the Klaw ‘Discordant Sound’ end raid, gear upgrade and resources rework, plus much more.

To get you ready for all of this upcoming content/changes, Crystal Dynamics is giving you the chance to boost all of your characters before hand as quadruple XP returns on November 25th!

With this most likely being the last big content drop of 2021, what’s next for Marvel’s Avengers? We know part of the team at Crystal Dynamics is helping Microsoft with the Perfect Dark reboot. Rumor has it another team is also working on the next Tomb Raider. Data miners have discovered files for many more heroes, but with Square Enix labeling MA a disappointment, will they ever see the light of day?

If you’re looking for a taste of the game, you can get a copy on the PS5 for $14.99 thanks to Amazon! The game is far from perfect yet totally worth the price of admission for the single-player storyline alone.

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