Hope you’re ready because next week the next major Marvel’s Avengers update hits consoles and with it, Spider-Man, only on the PS4 & PS5.

While we’ve seen a CGI trailer, some in-game screenshots, and shorts vids of Spidey showing off some of his outfits, we’ve yet to see our favorite web-head save the day in actual gameplay, until now!

IGN has the exclusive first footage of Spider-Man fighting alongside his fellow Avengers, helping save the world from the dastardly A.I.M.

Spider-Man joins the game with a vast closet of outfits to save your day in, as according to IGN, the game will have ‘around 40‘ different outfits for Spidey to kick butt and take names in.

They’ve since revealed two more. Their ‘modern’ take on Spidey’s rasslin’ gear and the Secret Wars Spider-Man outfit from 2004.

November 30th. Get ready, Brah!

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