Crystal Dynamics teased us all last week when they dropped the first ‘cameo’ of their take on Spider-Man last week during a developer livestream.

Now, since he was first announced as a PlayStation exclusive character back in 2020, we have our first look at Marvel’s Avengers take on Spider-Man in all his spider-glory!

Yes sir, that’s definitely Spidey! It’s certainly a more traditional take on his suit when compared to Insomniac Games Advanced suit from the Marvel’s Spider-Man. IGN has first dibs on the spider-trailer that’ll hit tomorrow!

Don’t be surprised if there’s a big ‘free weekend’ or crazy XP bonus weekend when Spider-Man and all this new content arrives on November 30th. Because honestly it feels as if the future of Marvel’s Avengers ain’t looking too good.

Will you be returning to Marvel’s Avengers one Spidey arrives on the PS4 & PS5?

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