Spider-man fans, we’ve been waiting for all of 2021 to get to play as Spidey in Marvel’s Avengers and that time is almost upon us!

Come November 30th, Spider-Man officially joins the roster of Heroes in Marvel’s Avengers with the ‘insert name here’ event, as Pete joins forces with our favorite team o’ heroes.

Our pal & YouTuber, Caboose (and fellow Marvel fan!) grabbed a couple of screenshots of Spider-Man from a recent Crystal Dynamics livestream for Marvel’s Avengers.

Yes. You can only see his head. Oh, his feet as well! Then there’s a nameplate! Nice! The team claims we will see a full reveal next Friday, but considering Spider-Man is a PlayStation exclusive character in Marvel’s Avengers, we reckon you’ll see a major post on the official PlayStation Blog this week.

Enjoy this limited first ‘look’ at Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers.

The team also said they will also reveal some of his alternate suits that will available for Spider-Man. This should be interesting considering Insomniac Games take on his various suits from over the years currently set as kings of the Spider-wardrobe.

Will you be returning to Marvel’s Avengers on November 30th?

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