Between the time that The Persistence first launched on the PSVR and the game joining the PS Plus library of games, Sony has acquired developer Firesprite Games, making them a part of the PlayStation Studios stable.

When Sony made the announcement that The Persistence would be part of the PSVR’s 5th anniversary trio of games, we immediately asked Firesprite on Twitter if it would include the Enhanced Edition for the PS5 that released in June.

They said no earlier this week, but since that time Sony has decided to give PS Plus members even more to enjoy, as you will now be able to download the PS5 Enhanced Edition of The Persistence as well!

You get three different versions of the game, adding even more value to this month’s offerings thanks to PS Plus. The PSVR version, the non-VR PS4 version, and the PS5 Enhanced Edition!

We’ve provided links below for easy downloading from the PlayStation Store, Brah!

The Persistence: Enhanced Edition

The Persistence

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