The road to greatness for Marvel’s Avengers has been a rocky experience the past year. Hit with controversy over and over, it recently joined Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service to give more gamers the chance to join the world’s mightiest heroes.

Suddenly, EXP boosters and fragment extractors appeared on the marketplace, giving players the chance to pay for these character boost. Two problems though. They nerfed the speed at which you gain experience, making it take longer to level up. Second, Crystal Dynamics promised before launch the game wouldn’t feature any type of paid microtransactions outside of outfits, emotes, etc.

Now a month later, Crystal Dynamic is reversing their decision, removing both the ‘Hero’s catalyst’ and ‘Fragment extractor’ consumables available on the marketplace.

With that being over, when is Spider-Man going to join the action? They’ve said countless times he would appear in 2022, now we’re only 60 days away from the new year. Is my spider-sense tingling for all the wrong reasons?

We will keep you updated on any upcoming Marvel’s Avengers news

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