Something truly awesome that Sucker Punch did in Ghost of Tsushima was the fact that at any given time, no matter what he was (or wasn’t!) wearing, Jin Sakai looked like a complete badass.

So it makes sense as to why all these statue companies are making these amazing pieces of art based on Ghost of Tsushima. Prime 1 Studio already slashed our wallets with Jin in his Ghost armor. Now they’re back with Jin in the Sakai clan family armor and good God almighty is it BRAHSOME!!

Considering the Ghost statue is one dollar shy of $1,100 bucks, it’s safe to assume that this statue will match or hell, even surpass it in price.

If you’re seriously interested in obtaining this statue, you have time to save for it! The Ghost statue has yet to ship, so you could have anywhere from 6 months to a year before being charged for this BRAHtacular piece of art.

Will you be buying either statue? If so, would you mind doing me a solid and picking up one for this Brah??

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