Apple and PlayStation’s relationship continues to grow as the PS5 is the “first gaming console to introduce and intergrated Apple Music experience.”

This feature was accidentally leaked earlier this month thanks to a bug via the PlayStation 5 system software which would let you select Apple Music then prompt you with an error message.

This 139MB download will let you listen to the over 90 million songs on Apple Music all while playing your favorite games “before, during, or after their gaming session”.

You’ll also be able to watch Apple Music videos while you game, which will continue to play in the background if you go to another screen. Cool stuff! Only on the PS5, because apparently Apple Music is not available on the PS4. Doesn’t mean it won’t come to the PlayStation 4, but Sony needs more reasons for people to buy their current-gen console, Brah.

Will you be using Apple Music on your PS5?

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