During an interview with Bloomberg, Ember Lab detailed a lengthy post mortem for their debut title Kena Bridge of Spirits. Within the talk, we learned tons pertaining to just how hard Sony backed this game. Ember Lab discussed how exciting it was getting to have access to a PS5 development kit so early while also touching on the popularity generated from its 2020 PS5 reveal and how the response pushed the game to the forefront of Sony’s lineup.

Kena Bridge of Spirits Success Story

Most notably, the topic of sales reared its ugly head. Although Ember Lab didn’t reveal any specific numbers, the game has recouped its initial cost, and the team has been pleasantly surprised by the sales since. Josh and Mike Grier even made mention of Sony’s reception to Kena. Josh himself states, “Sony’s happy.”

After Kena’s success, Ember Lab will now become a full-time game development studio. Meaning, they no longer will make commercials or fan films and have already begun thinking about their next game. Which, the Grier brothers confirmed will be a narrative-driven game.

In terms of feel-good stories, it really doesn’t get any better than this. For a team’s debut title to immediately resonate with so many people during its reveal and to see that support follow through to its release is great to see. Players really supported Kena Bridge of Spirits and thanks to that, it seems as if Ember Lab is here to stay. At the very least, it’s encouraging to see small, diverse titles like this can still carve out their place in the industry and find success.