Despite being one of their most popular, most critically acclaimed, and all around beloved of franchises, Ubisoft has really chosen not to milk the living hell out of the Splinter Cell series.

It has been almost eight years since Splinter Cell: Black List hit consoles and after that, our poor boy Sam Fisher was more or less regulated to cameo appearances or DLC for other Ubisoft games.

It looks Sam’s fate is about to change! According to the scoopsters over at VGC once again (Seriously! These guys must have a million sources!), Ubisoft has given the official ‘night-vision green’ light for a NEW Splinter Cell game!

It’s not clear which studios are working on the project, though two people with knowledge of Ubisoft’s plans suggested the new Splinter Cell was being led by a studio outside of its traditional Montreal base.

The title is in an early phase of production, the sources said, but there’s a small chance it could be announced next year.

The much-requested sequel will arrive at a time when the company is looking to rebuild its image, following a wave of discrimination and sexual harassment allegations. Employee groups say they are not satisfied with the level of action taken by Ubisoft to change its culture.

Of course, until we get official news from Ubisoft, file this one under ‘rumor’ and remember you’ll be able to enjoy the co-developed upcoming Splinter Cell VR game from Ubisoft and Facebook!

Are you excited for another chapter in the Splinter Cell series? What would you like to see the series offer?

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