The sloooooow drip of information that FromSoftware has provided regarding Elden Ring has been painful, as FromSoftware went almost a year with very little information until the Summer Games Fest info and Media preview recently.

Today we have something. Rumored to be 27 seconds of Xbox One footage, we see a Knight character running and jumping. Oh! He also scares a couple of random eagles. Exciting stuff here, Brah!

Don’t worry. When the game releases on January 21, 2022, I’m pretty damn sure it will continue the tradition of high-quality games that all of y’all FromSofties all know and love. Plus plenty of 8s, 9s, and 10s from all the critics to get you excited. I mean, at this point they pretty much know what the hell they’re doing with the Souls forumla.

Don’t forget the game will have up to 4-player multiplayer so you can vanquish foes together!

Wondering about the lore for Elden Ring? Read all about it here!

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