Even if developer Techland has had a difficult time with the development of Dying Light 2, they’ve done one helluva’ fantastic job supporting the original game since it launched in 2015.

We received a PR email yesterday about a new batch of FREE DLC coming to the original Dying Light, just months before DL2 releases in February 2022.

Now the good news continues! After being asked by fans for months if the original Dying Light would receive a current-gen update, the official Twitter account confirmed that it’s indeed happening!

While they didn’t provide any details as to wait it could be — 4K? 60fps? 120fps?? Both? A mixture of graphical options? Added DualSense features?? (A Brah can dream, right?)

We will be sure to keep you updated on any news regarding this future update as it comes, Brah!

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