HBO and PlayStation Productions came together to create the upcoming The Last of Us HBO series which is currently being filmed in Canada.

Seeing as how it’s one of the biggest franchises that Sony owns, fans can barely contain their excitement regarding the upcoming series. HBO is putting huge money into it, even going as far to recruit Pedro Pascal to play Joel.

So while all this filming is going down, fans are also ready to get some ‘filming’ of their own done. When they’re working on the this massive project outside of your apartment, you have to show your respect by filming it then proceeding to upload it to Twitter, right?

Plenty of ‘fan footage’ has hit social media but this is by far some of the best. Good image quality, we get to see our two main characters, and we get a glimpse of the ruined world of TLoU. Can’t flippin’ wait for this hit HBO MAX..maybe by the end of next year? definitely recommend following TheLastofUsNews on Twitter for all things regarding the upcoming HBO show!

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