The world of video game rumors can be a fascinating beast. If you remember back before it was officially announced, the rumor was Sucker Punch was working on the Marvel’s Spider-Man project before it was revealed that Insomniac Games was behind it, ultimately changing the fate of the company forever.

Then there was the Metal Gear Solid rumor that came to life. The rumor? Bluepoint Games is working on a remake of the original game on the PS5. Now we’re hearing that’s not the case. VGC reported earlier this month that their source(s) are saying that Chinese Studio Virtuos is working on a Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater project to hit consoles next year in Q2 2022.

It looks as if their report might be on to something. Virtuos is one of the biggest development studios in the world, working on a multitude of projects including remasters, remakes, and support for other projects so this job listing on LinkedIn could be for another game but it certainly gives the rumor some plausibility.

A fan of VGC sent them this profile featuring the dev’s work on a “unannounced [triple-A] action adventure game remake.”

Could this be the MGS3 Remake project or could it be something else entirely? This is all still up for debate. My question is this: will it look as good as the Metal Gear Solid 3 pachinko machine game cutscenes? One can only wish!

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