Square Enix is getting ready to drop their other big Marvel game, as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is about to arrive on the PS4 & PS5 come October 26th.

But before we get our hands-on with Star-Lord & crew we have to make our way through all the previews and what not that marketing continues to provide.

Now we have a brief cutscene starring the Guardians having a conversation with Cosmo the Dog, showing off how your choices can change the way characters feel about you, possibly altering the outcome of the game later on.

Did we mention that there’s also space puppies in this new video?

Remember: if you pre-order at Wal-Mart, you’ll get a free SteelBook case! Tip: If you get the Cosmic Deluxe edition, that means you get TWO SteelBook cases for the price of one!

Music is at the core of the Guardians DNA since the MCU movie hit in 2014, so you know this game is full of licensed tracks to RAWK OUT to. Check out the list of music here!

You’ve got this on October 26th. Probably.

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