Even though the age of the demo disc are long over, that doesn’t mean there isn’t other ways of letting gamers get a taste of a game before buying.

Playstation introduced the one-hour game trials on the PS3, which many publishers took advantage of at the time. This feature wasn’t carried over to the PS4 though.

Now they’re bringing them back in a different manner on the PS5! Upon downloading the trial until your console, you’ll have a designated time frame to play said title. The best part? Your data and trophies will carry over if you do buy the game!

The first two games? Death Stranding Director’s Cut and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. You’ll have 5 hours to enjoy Sackboy and 6 for Death Stranding. That’s more than enough time to make a decision for SB:ABA, but that’s simply a tease for DS. The game doesn’t really start clicking until around 10 or so hours in, if you ask me.

Both trials will be available on the PlayStation Store until October 28th, so if want to get a taste o’ greatness, you have almost all month to do so.

Hopefully this feature will be successful enough that Sony will extend the pool of offerings to indie and third-party publishers. Will you be downloading either game trial?

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