If you missed out on the ‘KILL CHAOS’ incident of 2021, then Brah! You missed on one of the greatest gaming memes of the year.

For whatever reason Square Enix let whomever edited the original trailer for Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy keep that phrase in their so many times, but in the end it wasn’t the worst decision.

Because thankfully the demo was rather enjoyable, as Team Ninja collected plenty of information to help influence the game going forward in development. Today during their Tokyo Game Show 2021 presentation, Square Enix dropped a new trailer AND a release date for the game:

March 18th, 2022!

Even more news, the trial version 2 is available now until October 11th so download it off the PlayStation Store if you need a taste of CHAOS, Brah!

Have to admit: this new trailer is HUGE improvement over the first one. I’m honestly more interested in the game now. Good job, Square Enix/Team Ninja!

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