Marvel’s Avengers has been making the news the lately, dropping Iron Man’s Mark III MCU armor on the market place and for Xbox owners, Marvel’s Avengers joined Xbox Game Pass today!

To celebrate, they’re rewarding old and new players with 4x XP! That is right. Maybe this is your first first playing or perhaps you’ve neglected Black Widow this whole time and feel the need to give her some lovin’. Either way, you have until October 4th to take advantage of this bountiful bonus of butt kicking rewards.

The team has also added yet another MCU inspired outfit to the marketplace, this team with Captain America’s Avengers: Infinity War outfit, you know, the one where the white star was removed and the fabulous beard was added.

Now excuse me while this Brah goes and saves Wakanda a few times to soak up all that yummy XP!

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