Twisted Metal, one of PlayStation’s oldest exclusive franchises, has certainly been in the spotlight as of late and this PlayStation fan doesn’t mind one bit.

If the news of Captain America himself, Anthony Mackie, playing the lead role of ‘John Doe’ in upcoming live-action Twisted Metal ain’t big enough for you, then I reckon the rumored 2023 return of the series on the PS5 should be.

Rumors started earlier this summer that Twisted Metal is making a comeback after the last gamd released in 2012. Now VGC is adding another layer (or three) to the this rumor. They’ve heard from their sources that Lucid Games, developers of Destruction AllStars, was ‘handed’ the reigns to make the next TM project. I’m sure they’ll also have XDEV giving them a hand along the way.. They also heard it could potentially be a F2P title, and of course, like we all would expect, it will coincide with the upcoming show.

I do think the world of Twisted Metal could transition nicely to the F2P model or Gaas, seeing as how they could pull new characters and vehicles from all the previous entries to join the roster over time.

What would like to see from the next Twisted Metal game?

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