The PlayStation Plus subscription service has forever changed the fate of two developer studios since it first launched back in 2010.

First was Psyonix with Rocket League, as the game quickly uh, ‘rocketed’ to the top of the charts with its simple yet addictive gameplay that easy to learn yet hard to master.

Second, and most recently, was Mediatonic with Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. The timing of the game’s release combined with the ridiculously addictive gameplay created a craze over the game as it conquered Twitch and our hearts.

Interestingly enough, both are now owned by Epic Games, adding to their already robust lineup of GaaS titles.

So how successful was Fall Guys for both Mediatonic and the PS Plus service? The Guiness Book of World Records is claiming it is the most downloaded PS Plus title in the 10+ years that it has been available!

How long will Fall Guys hold this coveted PS Plus crown? It could be quite some time before it’s no longer king of the hill, so congrats to Mediatonic achieving such heralded success.

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