With the disappointing but understandable delayed news of the Wanderer, there is some good news that is coming out of this for all you physical PlayStation VR collectors out there. It turns out that developers M Theory and Oddboy have teamed up with Perp Games to bring the physical edition of the game. So if you are like to defend a king and a civilization from what seems like an inevitable downfall, uncover traitors and decode covert messages during WW2, uncover the secrets of the space race and fly with Amelia Earhart, and also like to have your physical editions to collect, then it looks like you are in luck when M Theory, Oddball, and Perp Games bring the world and time of the Wanderer physical edition to PlayStation VR on the Perp Games Store.

Features include:

  • Detailed Digitial Artbook
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    Until then…please enjoy…