The gaming world collectively groaned earlier this year when it was revealed that the future of the Assassin’s Creed brand was that of a ‘live service’ gaming platform.

The thing is, we’re already at that point, wouldn’t you agree? Valhalla has received a new update almost every 4 to 6 weeks since launch containing new missions, weapons, outfits, modes, and more. Now we have the Discovery mode coming next month. We’re already partaking in their master plan and didn’t even realize it!

The Discovery mode, if you never enjoyed it in Origin and Odyssey, will allow you to the explore the map as you go on a grand history lesson across the viking age.

Here’s the details straight from the mouth of Ubisoft PR:

For this new opus in the series, the development team in Ubisoft Montreal has changed the formula to make the experience even more fun and informative. Discovery Tour: Viking Age puts the narrative and storytelling at the heart of the experience; players will step into the shoes of Viking and Anglo-Saxon characters of the time and live their big and small stories. During their memorable adventure, they will interact with the world and its inhabitants while discovering many details and anecdotes about the time period.

The Discovery mode goes live on October 19th. If you missed it, the most recent Title Update 1.3.1 went live last week bringing with it all kinds of goodies.

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