Thanks to our allies of Rebellion, Just Add Water, and Coatsink, your time on the battlefield has just gotten even better including Haptic feedback, custom difficulties, and benefits of adjusting weapon alignments. If you think your shot is spot on, why not add the wind in the mix and see how good you really are. To even better your score, check out the new update for September…

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  • Players can physically crouch in order to activate stealth mode as well as the button press.
  • Players will now be able to turn off the vignette for explosions and killcams
  • The new Vignette options, players can now:
    turn them ‘Off’ completely, resulting in no vignettes
    turn on ‘Comfort’ only, resulting in ‘Sprint’ & ‘Kill Cam’ vignettes only
    turn on ‘All’, resulting in All vignettes being visible including explosions
  • Players can now select from a variety of weapon alignment options.
    Please see below – More details on Weapon Alignment
  • Players will be able to adjust the tracking and aim smoothing
    The main purpose of the tracking smoothing is to ‘dejitter’ the controller movement, having it on high should help a bit if you have shaky hands. When set to high players should notice a bit more lag in the overall weapon movement
    We also have Aim Smoothing as a separate option which dampens input while using focus mode
  • Players will have the option to turn bullet trails off
  • Players can now select custom difficulties
    Implemented custom difficulty with options for turning off/on aim assist, bullet drop & bullet wind
  • Players can now adjust the strength of the vibration.
    We now have a user setting for Low and High Strength and can also be turned off completely
  • Players can now interact with the bolt with the trigger button
  • Players are now able to practice using explosives in the Resistance Base
  • Players can use hand direction for forward movement
    Added option to choose between head, left hand or right hand for forward movement source
  • Updated tutorial message for grenade throwing
  • Enemies now react to minor explosions in front of them during sound cover
  • Improved flick grab system
    Flick grab beam will now cancel if the hand hits another grab collider before the flick action is activated.
    Reduced time & velocity thresholds to activate flick grab
    Improved localisation

General bug fixing and quality of life improvements

  • Environment popping
  • Lighting improvements
  • Improvements to ladder climbing
  • Stopped players from getting snagged on corners and doorways
  • We now reset the trip mine pin if the mine is not primed on pickup
  • Reduce the sensitivity of the out of bounds message
  • Button prompt obscuring journal text has been fixed
  • Resetting weapon alignment on scene change is now removed as part of the change to add new weapon alignment options resolves an issue with gun handling post killcam
  • Downed NPCs no longer contribute to capturing defensive areas which was stopping some players from completing the 3rd mission.
  • Extended grab colliders for inserted pistol type magazines to make it easier to remove the spent magazines.
  • Stopped sound cover from masking minor explosions within view of patrolling NPCs
  • Fixed automatic partial reload not showing the correct number of rounds for certain weapons
  • Plus a variety of other minor and trivial bugs

More details on Weapon Alignment:
Weapon alignment options a bit to fix some issues and add extra support. The new options are:

  • NONE – No artificial weapon alignment, weapon always aligns directly to hand orientation.
  • FULL – Releasing and re-grabbing with either hand will keep the weapon in place.
  • OFFHAND – The ‘Pavlov’ option, weapon alignment only on the fore grip hand.
  • SPRING – Same as FULL but weapon alignment will return to hand orientation as the hand is moved (the current system).
  • SPRING OFFHAND – Same as OFFHAND but weapon alignment will return to hand orientation as the hand is moved.
  • Gunstock users should use NONE or OFFHAND or SPRING OFFHAND.
  • Pavlov players will find OFFHAND as the option that performs most like the Pavlov weapon alignment.

This really is an awesome update and is available now for you to enjoy.