Sucker Punch Productions made their claim to fame on the PlayStation 2 & 3 on the backs of the Sly Cooper and inFamous series.

While Sly was handed to Sanzaru games for his 4th entry, Sucker Punch continued on with inFamous: Second Son, which was a graphical powerhouse title for the PS4 early in its console life.

Moving forward six years to 2020 when after almost 7 years in development, Ghost of Tsushima released on the PS4 as it sliced and diced Mongol body limbs to over 6.5 million copies sold, taking the Seattle-based studio to a whole new level of success and fandom.

Now rumors from a reputable source that we’ve covered in the past have brought forth a new rumor: that inFamous could be making a comeback at next week’s PlayStation Showcase on September 9th!

Like Nick said, take it with a grain of salt because there could be a chance it doesn’t happen. Combine this with the other rumor that Sly Cooper could be making a comeback as well and I’m betting Sucker Punch is feeling pretty good about their creations over the past two decades.

My one question? Who would be making this? Could this be another XDEV project with Sumo Digital? They did help Microsoft finish Crackdown 3, which was also an open-world game that let you gain incredible powers to kick some booty.

Does SPP have the main power to work on the inevitable sequel to Ghost of Tsushima and this rumored inFamous game? Guess we will potentially find something out this Thursday!

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