Sony once promised that all of their launch titles would include FREE PS5 upgrades for those who bought the PS4 version of such popular titles as Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles, and even though it has been delayed until 2022, Horizon Forbidden West.

Then pre-orders went live for Horizon Forbidden West this week. The Standard and Digital Deluxe editions of the PS4 version no longer featured free upgrades to the PS5 version. The discourse quickly began on social media. Sony had gone back on their word. Even this Brah took to Twitter to complain.

No worries, as it appears Sony was getting tired of the angry notifications they’ve been receiving since the announcement. Jim Ryan, CEO & President of Sony Interactive Entertainment, took to the official PlayStation Blog to make things right:

Thursday was to be a celebration of Horizon Forbidden West and the amazing team at Guerrilla working to deliver it on February 18, 2022. However, it’s abundantly clear that the offerings we confirmed in our pre-order kickoff missed the mark.

Last year we made a commitment to deliver free upgrades for our cross-gen launch titles, which included Horizon Forbidden West. While the pandemic’s profound impact pushed Forbidden West out of the launch window we initially envisioned, we will stand by our offer: Players who purchase Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation 4 will be able to upgrade to the PlayStation 5 version for free.

That’s the good news for today. Now here is the semi-bad. While most companies are offering free PS4 to PS5 upgrades, First-party exclusive going forth after HFW releases will cost $10 to upgrade from the PS4 to PS5.

I also want to confirm today that moving forward, PlayStation first-party exclusive cross-gen titles (newly releasing on PS4 & PS5)–both digital and physical*–will offer a $10 USD digital upgrade option from PS4 to PS5. This will apply to the next God of War and Gran Turismo 7, and any other exclusive cross-gen PS4 & PS5 title published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

If you missed out on pre-ordering your copy of Horizon Forbidden West, you can read all about the various editions here.

Horizon Forbidden West comes to the PS4 & PS5 on February 18th, 2022.