THQ Nordic is about to celebrate their 10th anniversary and they are going to do it in a big way! September 17th at 12PM PST they will hold their first ever official digital showcase event on YouTube, Twitch, and Stream.

Geoff Keighley, the beloved man known for The Game Awards, will host and the event promises reveal six new video games while claiming to see the return of “legendary franchises and sequels to beloved games”. They will also reveal new footage and information on upcoming games Elex II and Expeditions: Rome.

This should be a fun event. I personally am hoping to see a sequel to Wreckfest as that is one of my top video games of all time (and that comes from a dude who hates racing games) and it has a Next-Gen Update that made the game even better! I’m also hoping to finally hear about true Next-Gen update for Biomutant, as I love that game as well but stopped playing it waiting and hoping for a Next-Gen Update.

What do you think the some of the new game reveals will be and what sequels are you hoping to see? It seems to be an exciting time for gamers! Let’s hope for another great 10 years from THQ Nordic!

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