Now that E3 and Gamescom have come and gone, it’s time for Tokyo Game Show to enter the spotlight. Earlier today, a schedule for all the major companies attending the yearly games showcase was announced. The list included the usual suspects, such as Arc-System Works, Atlus, Level-5, and of course, Square Enix. Who, will actually have a pretty meaty 50-minute presentation during the show.

Tokyo Game Show Offerings

The show airs on October 1st 6am EST.

Square has a multitude of projects in production some teased already and some we surely haven’t heard about. However, it’s safe to say many fans will anxiously await news on Final Fantasy XVI. Which, fans received their last in-depth look into the game during PlayStation’s September PS5 showcase. A showcase that gave fans gameplay presentations on Spider-Man Miles Morales and Demon’s Souls.

Tokyo Game Show

Obviously, fans haven’t seen much of anything else since then. We even got the producer on the project, stating some time ago that he’d hoped to give fans an update during Tokyo Game Show. Yet, this isn’t set in stone. Given the state of the world and how uniquely impacted Japan has been, I don’t think an appearance by Final Fantasy XVI is a given.

Regardless, we’ll keep our eyes out on the show. There’s sure to be some worthwhile news sprinkled throughout those 50 minutes.

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