While Marvel currently has the squeeze on DC when it comes to movies, DC still has the edge when it comes to gaming. (For now!)

Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham trilogy are considered some of the best super hero games ever made, so of course fans are excited to hear more about Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and WB Montréal’s Gotham Knights.

Great news, DC fans! You won’t have to wait much longer as it has been officially confirmed that both games will appear at DC Fandome 2021 on October 16th!

While we’re not sure what they’ll be showing, we would all greatly appreciate some real gameplay for Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad! Perhaps a solid release date for Gotham Knights?

If you missed the trailers for either game, we’ve embedded them for you below!

I’m hearing the entire DC Fandome event will be four hours long, so get ready, Brah! See you on October 16th!

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